3 Nutrition Tips Every Type 2 Diabetic Should Know About

Local expert says, “yes.”

Most likely, you or someone you know is afflicted with type II diabetes. Nearly 24 million people in the US are living with type II diabetes and the numbers are rising. Those who have been diagnosed are told their condition will be lifelong. Some are given the discouraging information that there is not much else they can do to improve the prognosis aside from merely managing it to slow its progression.

Oftentimes the traditional advice for treating type II diabetes is to change your diet, exercise more and take prescription medication. Most type II diabetics comply with their healthcare recommendations, but to no avail, regardless of their efforts, many report that these changes do little to nothing to keep their type II diabetes in check.

Many who have been diagnosed with this disease, become frustrated as they struggle to find solutions to their symptoms.

This frustration is quite common in the diabetic community. Traditional healthcare provides vague guidelines for helping their condition, leaving patients to continue suffering from their symptoms. Patients begin to feel hopeless about their outcome; destined for diabetic complications and further health decline.

Dr. Czezowski, says that’s how functional medicine differs from mainstream approaches to healthcare. Functional medicine supports the individual, not the diagnosis or disease. This functional approach has the potential to help reverse type II diabetes.

Dr. Czezowski, explains, “Diabetes is a label. It only  tells me that a person can’t regulate their blood sugar, it doesn’t tell me why they can’t regulate. And that’s the important part. They have to figure out what’s causing the problem.”

She says, “The key is everybody is an individual. There are no two diabetics who will have the same exact cause or the same reason they’re a diabetic.”

Functional medicine works to treat each patient individually. What is causing one person’s diagnosis could be entirely different for the next patient with the same diagnosis.

Dr. Czezowski describes countless possibilities for why patients have type II diabetes including hormone imbalances, infections, organ dysfunction, or a combination of many factors. That is why it is so important for type II diabetics to receive a comprehensive evaluation and customized plan that addresses their whole-body health.

She explains that when you implement an individualized plan that focuses on correcting the underlying causes of disease, you start to see:

  1. Stabilized blood sugar levels.
  2. Reduced or eliminated need for costly medication.
  3. Weight loss.
  4. Better sleep.
  5. Increased energy.
  6. Renewed quality of life.

Are you a good fit?

That depends on the patient. “Health has to be your #1 priority,” says Dr. Czezowski. To find out if you or a loved one is a good fit for the functional approach to type II diabetes, call and schedule a consultation. Often the consultation is free.

If you are tired of not seeing results with your current health care plan, finding a functional provider doctor may be the right option for you. Functional medicine has helped many type II diabetics reverse their condition and it may offer the option that your body needs.

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