This is the second post of my 2-part series on the underlying condition that’s driving so many type 2 diabetics to spiraling blood sugar and devastating symptoms.

The truth is that well over 25% of those with type 2 diabetes are also harboring autoantibodies, causing their immune systems to attack healthy cells.
The Secret Disease Driving Your Type 2 Diabetes-Part 2

Molecules like insulin-producing beta cells, insulin, or enzymes involved in blood sugar regulation. If you’re suffering from an underlying autoimmune disorder, diabetes management is not going to stand a chance at preventing the decline of your health. Though, by following these three steps, you can uncover the secret disease driving type 2 diabetes and face it head-on.

1. Get Tested

Comprehensive testing that identifies the underlying sources of chronic disease is crucial for building a treatment plan that will actually work.

It’s imperative to test for autoimmune conditions and other sources of inflammation to build targeted therapies that heal the immune system and reduce high blood sugar for good. There are at least four antibody tests that can detect autoimmunity in type 2 diabetes and many others that help uncover triggers for inflammation.

2. Target the Autoimmune Condition

If lab work indicates that your diabetes is being complicated by autoimmunity, we must target your immune system and reduce inflammation. We must then uncover triggers to the immune system and support it with innovative treatments and therapeutic supplements that calm and restore balance.

3. Individualized Therapies

The Secret Disease Driving Your Type 2 Diabetes-Part 2

Commonplace dietary and lifestyle advice for diabetics aims to regulate blood sugar, but it doesn’t heal or reverse the disease process. Instead, we create individualized nutrition and lifestyle planning that not only improves blood sugar and insulin levels but also restores a healthy immune response. This means that no two treatment plans are the same. For maximum effectiveness, we must tailor therapies that take genetics, personal health history, current symptoms, and risks into account.

This is not your “everyday” approach to type 2 diabetes. Time and again, one-size-fits-all approaches have proven ineffective. I’ve never met a diabetic that successfully managed his or her symptoms without long-term health complications when taking the conventional route. That’s because diabetes is a progressive and destructive disease that too many people are falling victim to.

Conventional health care offers no viable options for turning this disease around. However, functional medicine does. By digging down to the root of the disease and providing the body support to rebalance and heal, diabetes can truly be stopped in its tracks. I see it every day, and that is why I tell all my patients there is hope; they can live disease free!

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