What Is Causing Your Thyroid Dysfunction?

Functional medicine may provide answers.

Thyroid disorders are quickly becoming a common condition in America.  According to the American Thyroid Association, in America alone, more than 12 percent of the U.S. population will develop a thyroid condition during their lifetime and up to 60 percent of those with thyroid disease are unaware of their condition.

Why do thyroid disorders go undiagnosed?

The simple answer: lack of individualized assessment. Today’s mainstream approach to medicine generalizes patients and often uses band-aid treatment to cover up the problem, not necessarily find the reason the problem is happening in the first place. This is a far too common experience had by many low thyroid sufferers. The standard prescribed treatment may be to take synthetic thyroid hormones daily. Little is said about how to actually improve the function of the thyroid and patients may be told that their condition is chronic.

Many factors can attribute to thyroid dysfunction, so it is hard to say definitively what causes it. What might be the root cause of thyroid issues for one individual can be completely different for the next. Every case is unique, so it’s important to find a provider who will take into account your body’s individual needs and create a plan specifically for you. It may be just the answer you’ve been looking for to address your continued symptoms.

Functional medicine is designed to focus on the individual and their individual needs. Functional medicine providers work with their patients to find the underlying, true cause of their condition. Dr. Czezowski, says there is more to hypothyroidism than a low functioning thyroid. “It’s what’s causing the thyroid to adjust its normal function in response to something that is out of balance somewhere else in the body”.

It’s important to address the source of the issue, not just the obvious symptoms. The good news is, there are things you can to do now to promote healthy thyroid function.

Here are some things you can start doing now to promote a healthy thyroid:

  1. Eat nutritious foods. Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole-grain foods to improve your overall health. Protein should come from lean sources, such as fish or beans and rely on healthy fats to balance thyroid hormones. Focus on eating foods that include plenty of vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, zinc, copper, vitamin A, B vitamins and iodine as these promote proper thyroid function.
  2. Say no to refined sugar.  Sugar causes inflammation which causes the immune system to attack the thyroid. As we are trying NOT to kill our thyroid, it’s best to avoid the candy and sugary beverages.
  3. Get rid of gluten. Gluten tricks your body into thinking it’s a thyroid hormone, causing the thyroid to think it has enough and to slow production.
Making a few changes can have a dramatic improvement in someone’s thyroid condition. Some simple but very effective adjustments that can lead to big improvements.

Is your thyroid out of whack? Give these helpful tips a try, then seek a functional medicine professional to see if you are a good candidate.

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